Adam Palmer

About me

Website guy. Manages the build of cool stuff for journalists and PR's.

Originally from Bolton, now living in Kent and working in Croydon.


I'm a proud Northerner from Bolton and yes, I love my pies and gravy! Supporting Manchester United was a must in our family and I've seen some great players come and go over the years.

I attended The University of Huddersfield, spent my loan on beer and met some great people. During my placement year I was lucky enough to work for a publishing company in New York City, which was an awesome experience! In 2005 I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in eCommerce & Multimedia.

I now live in Medway, Kent, with my wife and baby girl. The weather is much nicer down South! I still love pies. And beer.


I grew up wanting to an Artist! But then the Internet became more accessible and interested me so much, that I decided to combine the two. So I decided to study Website Design, which eventually evolved into PHP web development.

I now work for a media company in Croydon called DWPub. I'm their Development Team Manager, which boils down to: senior PHP web developer, team manager, JQuery dabbler, Analytics snooper, tech support, event organiser and occasional tea maker!

It's our job to maintain and enhance the companies array of websites. Our clients are Public Relations professionals and Journalists. We provide services to bring them closer together and make their lives easier.